Top Nigerian music of 2018

The Nigerian music a lot of folk and classic versions of the local one these days. Over the years, a lot of changes has taken place which have modified the Nigerian music into an overnight success. Today, we will be discussing the top 4 Nigerian Music that has become quite popular in 2018.

This is Nigeria:

If you’re looking for some the bet Nigerian music this year, then ‘This is Nigeria’ by Falz is one the one for you. With a mind-blowing music video, this is probably one of the best Nigerian songs ever made. The song plays a bit of a controversial game on the listeners and the viewers. The poor state of policing is very well displayed in this video. As a conclusion, this song also depicts the hope that still remains in the Nigerian people for a better state.

Bum Bum:

This RnB song is probably one of the most qualified Naijavibe music to ever come out this yet. The artist, Yemi Alade shows her fancy dance skills in the music video and that is one of the reasons behind her billboard award dreams this year. This has turned out to be one of the most popular songs among the locals and has taken over the nightclub playlist like anything.


Jodogo is one of the best examples of the modern Nigerian music. Tenko and team have invested a lot of effort in coming up with the unparallel tune. The Nigerians refer to this as the ‘Pon Pon’ song and is quite a famous one among them. The artist has made this an enjoyable song by combining the galala and a beautiful melody. If you’re searching for something in the Nigerian music genre, then this might just be the thing for you.

Heaven’s Gate:

This amazing Nigerian masterpiece features two of the most popular artists in today’s date. There is a backup artist associated with this song as well by the name of J Hus. The primary artists are Burna Boy and of course, Lily Allen.

After going through the above list, it can be said that Nigerian music has come a long way and it slowly but steadily reaching the top of the hill. Like hungry wolves, the artists are coming up with newer ways to entertain the Nigerian music lovers every day.